Thursday, April 29, 2010

Diggin' through the archives...

I've got a small handful of works from the last year that I think would be worth posting, among which are some illustrations done for the Redwall e-zine, Terrouge. I like doing work for Terrouge not just because I've been a fan of the site since I was twelve (oh gosh, does that seem long ago...), but it's also an excellent way to exercise my illustrating abilities (which are amateurish at best, but I'm working on it!)

Banner created in Photoshop for the Questor's Bold V site. Hosted by Terrouge, QBV was a writing survivor contest that ran from summer to fall of 2009. I also created portraits of the participants, which are viewable here.

Graphic created (again in Photoshop) last fall for a friend's book review column, entitled "Badger Reading Corner Reviews." So I thought this would be appropriate.

Lastly is the February 2010 cover (though it was initially intended as a January cover, so the subject matter is just a little bit off.) Went with a sort of minimalistic approach, and I think it worked pretty well. Created this with a combination of ArtRage 2 (no, I don't have the fancy-smancy new version...yet...) and Photoshop. The typography was added by Ashen Fox, Terrouge's current Editor-in-Chief.

That's all for now! But as the semester winds down and summer break begins, I expect to be working on lots of new art to post :)

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